Friday, April 16, 2010

Rupert Murdoch is The Voice of Evil

Rupert Murdoch is The Voice of Evil
I used to hear words like Anti-Christ and I still cringe when I hear that expression because that is supposing that the Christian Church is so right about their deity that anything that doesn't agree with it (the Christian church) is the spawn of another mythological creature of their making, Satan. I mention this as it seems extremely well thought out to me. Let me see, how do we keep people from arguing with us? We will tell them that an evil entity that is against anything that is non governmental is Un Holy, therefore giving them an entity to emulate, Holiness. Why would they listen to us? Because we will tell them we didn't say it. We will invent something that they will want to keep separate from us and only use them to influence the masses. We will call it RELIGION and we can complicate it with all sorts of fantastic mythology that would have taken us too long to make up on the fly, OR, we can just borrow stories from Greek and Roman Mythology and burn all those books so that no one can prove we invented it. They will think it is of their origin and will be grateful to us for "letting them" have it. We will call it theirs but we will allow that entity to be tax free so it can give us the money in the form of campaign contributions, doesn't that sound good?
(1500 years later) Someone has exposed the agenda. We will lose support.
We knew that would happen eventually, you can't expect a scam this big to go on forever. We have to invent an anti-truth vehicle to use against the rational minds of Humanity. We will find someone, make him extremely wealthy, and take away all of his tax burden in order to keep him supportive of whatever we say. That just might work, so, who will we pick?
He will have to be someone who has access to the international media and can manipulate whole nations with the same information. He will live to be a wrinkly old tabloid journalist who is filled with unlimited greed and we will use him through that character defect.

Meet Rupert Murdoch

Is he a racist? You tell me.

Does anyone doubt the sincerity of the apology for the picture posted with his face in the corner, and if his apology is met with overwhelming adoration? I don't think anyone believed him. Look at this:

And I think the point is well taken. There is no truth or integrity or journalistic integrity or anything related to ethics in Anything that Rupert Murdoch does. And the burning question is, if you are looking for an Anti Christ, wouldn't it stand to reason the biggest liar in town would be the first place you look?